Wendy Abel

Mental Health Therapist

Mental health provider

Since early in my career, now almost 25 years, I have been a passionate advocate for this population. I have attended day long conferences on the topic, have written letters of support for hormone or surgery. I am tireless in my efforts to meet the needs of this population – noting that at times the “gender issue” isn’t the issue present for therapy, and meeting the client exactly where they are in their mental health. My knowledge about hormone therapy, surgical procedures, mental health and relationships allow me to provide high quality care to my clients. At Group Health Cooperative I serve on the LGBTQ Health Committee – working to ensure we are providing the best possible care for this population – noting that mental health care meets the needs of TNG across the board.

Provider’s Gender: Cisgender

Provider’s Pronouns: she/her

Provider’s Sexual Orientation: Straight/heterosexual

Provider’s Race: White/European descent

Provider’s Languages: English

Language Interpreters Available: Yes

Cost for Language Interpreters: None

Insurance Accepted by Provider: GHC

Other Payment Options Available: I only accept insurance

Types of Visits Offered by Provider: Office visits

Types of Counseling/Therapy Available: Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy

Area(s) of Specialty: LGBTQ+ Identity, Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Types of Transition-related Letters Provided: Gender marker change, Name change, “Carry” letters, Gender Confirmation surgery

Letter requirements: Must be engaged in care with you beyond initial appointment

Types of ID accepted to receive services No ID Required

How old must a person be to receive services? 12

Parent/guardian consent required for minors under age 18 to receive care? Yes

Accepting new patients? Yes

Informed Consent model for transition care Yes
Large volume of Trans patients No
2+ years’ experience working with Trans people Yes
5+ years’ experience working with Trans people Yes
10+ years’ experience working with Trans people No
Significant experience monitoring hormones for Trans patients n/a
Significant experience monitoring puberty blockers for Trans patients n/a
Intake forms are Trans inclusive (paper and/or electronic) Yes
Patients can easily change name and/or gender in records Yes
Has process in place to allow different name and/or gender marker in records and for insurance/billing Yes
Correct name and gender on all records and print-outs (wristbands, orders, lab results, etc.), regardless of legal name or gender No
“All Gender” bathrooms available onsite Yes
All bathrooms onsite are “All Gender” No
Has received training in providing Trans affirming care Yes
All staff in practice/office have received training in providing Trans affirming care Yes
Enforces Trans-inclusive nondiscrimination & anti-harassment policies Yes
All services are open for people of all genders Yes
Gender-specific services open for Trans people based on identity and/or comfort, not legal or birth-assigned sex n/a

Hatchery Hill Clinic, Group Health Cooperative of South Central WI
3051 Cahill Main
Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53711

Business Hours

Monday: 7:30-5:30
Tuesday: 7:30-6:30
Wednesday: 7:30-4:30
Thursday: 7:30-3:30
Friday: 7:30-1:30
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Office Location Type: A clinic (containing other providers affiliated with your system/business/etc.)

Is Provider Office Accessible/ADA-compliant? Yes

Parking/Transportation Available at Provider Office? Free parking lot/structure, Within 1 block of a bus line/other public transit

Contact Information

 (608) 661-7227

43.021512, - 89.420653